What does it cost?

The pottery items range in price to sort all budgets. I don't charge additional studio fees so the price you pay for your piece of pottery includes the paints, materials used and for your item to be glazed, fired and returned. Prices for items are clearly displayed at our pop-up events and we have the below party packages to suit your budget. Venues further than 10 miles of Rawtenstall will be subject to a nominal travel cost.

Birthday party packages:

Package 1:

Animal figurines (£11 per child)
Choose from a penguin, fox, unicorn, panda, rabbit, dragon, dinosaur, butterfly, cat, or dog.


Package 2:

Plate or bowl (£12 per child)
Decorate your own 20cm rimmed plates or 20cm bowl.


ADD-ON pre-painted plates (£15 per child)
Let me silkscreen designs onto plates for you so that your guests can ‘colour’ them in. The designs can fit in with your theme.

Package 3:

Alphabet letter (£14 per child)
Decorate a letter of your choice using stamps, stencils or silkscreens. These freestanding letters are 5 inches tall by 1 inch wide.

Package 4:

Myth and magic (£14 per child)
Choose a max of two designs for your guests to decorate: Dragons, fairies, unicorns, trolls, mermaids, wizard boy or girl.